Victory | April 30, 2022

Canadian Government Sets Legally Binding Requirements to Rebuild Depleted Fish Stocks

In a major turning point for the future abundance of Canada’s wild fish, the federal government released new regulations that legally require depleted fish populations to be rebuilt. These regulations fall under the Fisheries Act, which Oceana Canada successfully campaigned to amend in 2019. Oceana Canada and its allies advocated for robust regulations to guide the recovery of Canada’s depleted fisheries, of which less than one-third are considered healthy. The regulations set requirements that are needed in rebuilding plans— that a target must be set to rebuild a stock, a timeline by which it will be achieved and what actions are required to make this change happen. Legally requiring the rebuilding of fisheries means Canada will be better able to prioritize the health of the ocean and the long-term viability fisheries that are essential for coastal communities.