Financials - Oceana Canada



Oceana Canada’s support comes from foundations, organizations and individuals in Canada and in the U.S. Oceana Canada’s contributors provided the support that is essential to our campaigns to preserve and rebuild ocean life. The audited financials for 2023 are available here.

Please contact Oceana Canada here for information on making gifts to Oceana Canada, for a copy of our Articles of incorporation, bylaws or for other inquiries.

The Oceana family combines financial statements to include activities in North, South and Central America, Asia and Europe. Click here for more information.

Oceana Canada is incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation without share capital under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. The organization is a registered charitable organization under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and as such, is exempt from income taxes and is able to issue donation receipts for income tax purposes (BN/Registration # 821618139RR0001). For information on all registered charities in Canada under the Income Tax Act please visit: Canada Revenue Agency

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