Take action now to help #StopSeafoodFraud

Canada’s poorly regulated and opaque seafood supply chain is helping to perpetuate the global web of illicit fishing that is harming the oceans, costing millions of dollars to be lost to the legitimate economy and seafood sector and providing opportunities to sell products caught by victims of modern slavery trapped at sea. 

A national, multi-year investigation of seafood fraud and mislabelling at grocery stores and restaurants conducted by Oceana Canada showed that almost half of 472 samples – 47 per cent – collected in six Canadian cities from 2017-2019 were mislabelled.  

Seafood fraud hurts our health, our oceans, and our wallets.


Global illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing is one of the most serious threats facing the ocean, with IUU catches valued at billions of dollars every year. Canada is not immune: our economy is losing up to $93.8 million in tax revenue each year due to the illicit seafood product trade, and honest Canadian fishers are missing out on up to $379 million in lost revenue.