Atlantic salmon

Atlantic salmon are an iconic species of the northern Atlantic Ocean and once supported large fisheries throughout their range. They are known for their long, annual migrations from the ocean, up river to freshwater environments where they spawn and lay eggs. Although many wild populations of Atlantic salmon have all but disappeared or have been … Read more


Orcas are highly adaptable. They are found in every ocean in the world and likely have the largest geographic distribution of any species, after humans. They are one of the ocean’s top predators. In fact, their nickname “killer whale” comes from their reputation of being ferocious predators, exhibiting dramatic behaviours when toying with their prey. … Read more

Sea Otter

Sea otters are a charismatic marine mammal found in the north east Pacific Ocean. As a keystone species, sea otters are a critical member of the kelp forest ecosystems they live in. They are foragers, mostly eating hard-shelled invertebrates such as sea urchins. By keeping the population of kelp-grazing sea urchins to a minimum, sea … Read more

Beluga Whale

Beluga whales are easy to spot, thanks to their white colour, large size and bulging forehead. At birth these pale whales aren’t white at all – they’re slate grey, and it can take up to eight years to develop their distinct white colour. They are unique among whales because they have very flexible necks and … Read more