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October 4, 2018

Transparency can save the oceans

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Earlier this year, Oceana Canada published a report that found 44% of the nearly 400 samples tested in five cities across Canada were mislabelled.  

What makes mislabelling on this scale possible? One of the main reasons is that the global seafood supply chain is incredibly obscure and increasingly complex.

In this TEDx, Jackie Savitz, Chief Policy Officer with Oceana, explores the dark side of the seafood industry, and reveals how we can save the oceans through a focus on transparency.

“In the dark, everything is invisible.”

Few places are more conducive to exploitation than the high seas. Hidden in the dark of the seafood industry, egregious crimes against oceans and people are taking place. However, we are starting to shine a light on seafood supply chains, and with transparency comes accountability. This means we have the ability to track fish as they move from boat to plate and put an end seafood fraud.

Watch this TEDx talk, learn more about how transparency can save the oceans and add your voice to demand boat-to-plate traceability for all seafood sold in Canada.