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Spiny Dogfish

The spiny dogfish may go by many names, including piked dogfish, rock salmon and spiky dog, but only one truly represents this shark’s unique defense strategy. To defend itself, the spiny dogfish may inject venom into predators from the two spines at the base of each dorsal fin. Dogfish are named because fishers have observed … Read more


Narwhals are an Arctic whale species, commonly identified by their unique tusk which protrudes from their foreheads. This tusk has coined them the nickname “the unicorns of the sea.” They are considered a social species, often travelling in a social group of two to 12 individuals. Narwhals hold great cultural significance and continue to be … Read more

Yelloweye Rockfish

Yelloweye rockfish get their name from their distinct yellow eyes and bright orange-red body. These rockfish are one of about 30 different species of rockfish found off the Pacific Coast of Canada, but they are among the longest-lived – living up to 115 years old! Their long lifespan means they are slow growing and mature … Read more