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Northeast Pacific Seamounts


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From July 5-21, 2018 we embarked on an expedition to explore and protect seamounts off the coast of British Columbia with the Haida Nation, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Ocean Networks Canada.

This 16-day, 2,500 km expedition discovered six new seamounts, ancient and fragile coral forests and potentially new species, showcasing the incredible abundance and diversity of these habitats.

“Enough was known about the seamount range before this expedition to justify protecting them, and with these discoveries the conservation value is even greater,” said Dr. Robert Rangeley, Science Director, Oceana Canada. “We need to protect special places that provide refuge for marine life and strengthen ecosystem resilience in our increasingly threatened oceans.”

Oceana Canada is now calling for permanent protection of all seamounts in Canada. Add your name to our petition today.

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