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February 11, 2016

The Most Romantic Animals in Canada’s Oceans

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Twi humpback whales in the ocean


Love isn’t just in the air, it’s also in the oceans. Animals across the ocean have some interesting ways to find and impress that special someone. These amazing species just might inspire you with some new ideas for how to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Sea anemone

If wooing that special someone sounds like no fun, embrace being on your own just like the sea anemone. Most sea anemones can reproduce with a partner, but they don’t have to: they can also split into two sections, each part becoming a separate animal.

pink painted sea anemone Urticina grebelnyi

Hooded seal

To attract a mate, male hooded seals inflate their nose to look like a pinkish red balloon. You would definitely get some stares if you were to try carrying around a balloon on your nose for Valentine’s Day!

male hooded seal red nose

Humpback whale

Take a cue from the humpbacks by singing a song to show you care. Males will sing highly complex songs to attract a mate. These songs evolve over generations and are different between each population.

two humpback whales


There is still a lot of mystery surrounding why narwhals have a long tusk. One theory researchers have is that the males use their tusks to fight each other in order to gain access to a female, because really, what’s more chivalrous than a sword fight?

narwhals arctic breaching tusks

Short-tailed albatross

These amazing seabirds are an example of how spending time with a partner over the years may be all the romance you need. Albatrosses are monogamous, mating with the same partner for life. If they lose their mate, they may take two years or more before finding someone new.

short tailed albatross

This Valentine’s Day, show your love for the oceans and its many creatures by becoming a Wavemaker.