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May 6, 2016

Incredible Octopus Videos

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Octopuses are intelligent and fascinating cephalopods, related to squids, cuttlefish and nautiluses. How can we best describe these incredible animals? Here are some of our favourite videos that help answer the question, what’s an octopus?

Escape artists

This Houdini octopus shows that there is no keeping an octopus where it doesn’t want to be, as they have a talent for escaping.



Sure, octopuses can look strange and maybe even scary – after all, they have inspired sea legends about monsters in the deep blue – but these animals can also be pretty cute, like this ghostly looking octopus.


Masters of disguise


Think you know how to spot an octopus? Think again, they are experts at camouflage.




Don’t let the fact that they have no skeleton fool you, these guys are tough. For proof, check out this epic battle between a seal and an octopus in the waters off the coast of Victoria.




When looking for shelter, octopuses consider all their options and use some pretty creative tools to make something special. Check out this video of an octopus making a home for itself out of a coconut shell.