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April 10, 2019

Celebrate the unicorns of the sea

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Happy World Narwhal Day! 

Who ever said unicorns weren’t real? 

The adult male narwhal is an unmistakable animal. With its long tusk, it is like no other marine mammal anywhere in the world. The tusk is a very long left canine, which grows through the whale’s lip. Occasionally, a right canine will also grow, resulting in two tusks. Some females also grow a small tusk, but this is rare.

Narwhals are one of just two species in the white whale family, the other being the beluga, and both whales can be found in Canadian waters. Narwhals live in Arctic waters and are split into two groups in Canada: the Baffin Bay and the Hudson Bay populations. 

In Canada, narwhals are identified as being of special concern; however worldwide they are considered near-threatened with extinction. Climate change is causing rapid changes to the Arctic ecosystem that affects narwhal habitat. 

World Narwhal Day is a time to raise awareness for these majestic whales. Share this video with your friends and family!