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December 8, 2016

Celebrate the Holidays with Marine Life!

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This holiday season we’re giving thanks to everyone that helped protect the oceans this past year. To show our gratitude, we want to give a gift straight from the deep blue sea. Although we can’t wrap up a wave under the tree, what we can do is bring the wonder of the ocean right to your computer screen. Celebrate the holidays by discovering Canada’s incredible oceans with Oceana Canada’s new Marine Life Encyclopedia.

Canada has the world’s longest coastline and this vast ocean territory is filled with amazing species that span diverse ecosystems. Get to know these species and learn fun facts about the amazing animals that live right off of Canada’s coasts. For example, did you know that unlike most other crustaceans American lobster have teeth? However, these “teeth” aren’t found in their mouths, they are in their stomach!  

From the cute to bizarre to truly inspiring, every ocean animal has a story to share, and now you can hear all about them. Visit the Marine Life Encyclopedia to learn about sea turtles, whales, groundfish, crustaceans and more and start discovering the wonders of Canada’s oceans.