Victory | June 20, 2022

Canadian Government Bans Six Categories of Single-Use Plastics

Ina huge win for the health of our oceans, Canada introduced a national ban on six categories of single-use plastics. The ban will gradually eliminate the Canadian production and export of plastic bags, cutlery, stir sticks, six-pack rings, straws and some takeout containers. The ban also ends the export of banned plastics by 2025, making Canada the second country ever to do so. The final ban also closes technical loopholes from its previous draft that would have allowed more durable single-use plastic options to replace items of common use, such as cutlery and checkout bags. This is a meaningful contribution to Canada’s commitment to ban harmful single-use plastics and hold companies responsible for doing their part to reduce plastic waste. The announcement also positions Canada as a global leader in efforts to reduce single-use plastics.