Report | October, 2017

Fishery Audit 2017: Unlocking Canada’s Potential For Abundant Oceans


Fishery Audit 2017 is the most comprehensive review of the state of Canada’s fisheries and the first annual assessment of how the government is managing them. The results revealed that Canadian fisheries are in trouble: only one third of stocks are considered healthy and 13 per cent are in critical condition. Further, the health of 36 per cent can’t be determined because there is insufficient information to properly assess them. 

   Fisheries and Oceans Canada reports that there are 19 Canadian marine stocks in critical condition; however Oceana Canada found 26 in our independent analysis using the same sources. What’s more concerning is that there are only three plans in place to rebuild these 26 dangerously depleted populations. The contrast across Canada’s coasts is stark: 22 of the critical stocks are in Atlantic Canada, only one of which has a rebuilding plan. 

Rebuilding is essential to ensure the stability of Canada’s multi-billion-dollar seafood industry and to avoid another economically devastating fishery collapse. By implementing Canada’s commitments to sustainable management and legally mandating the recovery of depleted fish populations, Canada’s fisheries can be restored. 
Fishery Audit 2017 includes information on 194 stocks, representing all major marine fisheries and the most ever analyzed in Canada. 
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