The ocean’s abundance is ours to protect - Oceana Canada

The ocean’s abundance is ours to protect


Will you join us and become part of a movement of people across Canada who are helping to rebuild abundant, thriving fish populations?

From coast to coast to coast, communities need healthy oceans. As a Wavemaker, you’ll learn about the latest ocean news and how you can take action to help protect our oceans and the marine life that call them home.

Your support is vital: Wavemakers have already helped Oceana Canada successfully campaign to end the shark fin trade, make rebuilding depleted fish populations the law, improve the way fisheries are managed and protect marine habitat. But our work isn’t done, Canada’s oceans – and the people and communities that depend on them – are at risk.

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Oceana Canada was established as an independent charity in 2015 and is part of the largest international advocacy group dedicated solely to ocean conservation. We work with civil society, academics, fishers, Indigenous Peoples and the federal government to return Canada’s formerly vibrant oceans to health and abundance. By restoring Canada’s oceans, we can strengthen our communities, reap greater economic and nutritional benefits and protect our future.

Want to learn more about the importance of rebuilding depleted fisheries? Watch below: