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June 2, 2023

Six ways you can take action for Ocean Week

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This week, from June 2-11, is Ocean Week in Canada. This is a time to take action for and celebrate the ocean from coast to coast to coast. Not only does Canada have the longest coastline in the world, with an ocean surface of 7.1 million square kilometres, but it is also home to some pretty remarkable marine life. From corals and kelp forests to dolphins and sharks, the oceans around Canada are home to some amazing marine animals and ecosystems.

This abundance of life faces many threats, from pollution and overfishing to loss of habitat, making protecting the ocean sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. That’s why we’re here to help, to show what’s possible when we come together. There are lots of ways we can each get involved and make a real difference for the oceans. This Ocean Week, here are six ways you can take action for our oceans:

  1. 1) Make waves of change for the ocean by joining our community of Wavemakers. As a Wavemaker you will be helping us achieve science-based policy victories for the ocean.

  1. 2) Help protect North Atlantic right whales, one of the most endangered species on the planet. We need to protect them from the greatest threats to their survival – collisions with ships and entanglements in fishing gear.
Credit: EcoHealth Alliance, NOAA permit #594-1759

  1. 3) Add your voice to protect the Northeast Pacific Seamounts. This underwater mountain range off the coast of British Columbia forms critical marine habitat and needs permanent protection.
Credit: OET, WHO MISO, Northeast Pacific Seamount Expedition Partners

  1. 4) Call on the Canadian government to ban the burning of plastic waste and find solutions to reduce plastic pollution.
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  1. 5) Tell the Canadian government to close the commercial capelin fishery. Capelin have been depleted and overfished for more than 30 years; it’s time we let them rebuild.
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  1. 6) Donate to Oceana Canada. With your generous support we are able to continue our work protecting the oceans and supporting thriving coastal communities.
Credit: Oceana Canada/Evermaven

Thanks to the support from people just like you, Oceana Canada has won many victories for the ocean. We have successfully campaigned to ban harmful single-use plastics, end the shark fin trade, improve the way fisheries are managed and protect marine habitat. We are stronger together and we can’t protect the oceans without you. Together, let’s make a difference this Ocean Week!