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September 16, 2022

Why Underwater Mountains Need Our Protection

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Ocean Exploration Trust,WHOI/Miso, Northeast Pacific Seamount Expedition Partners


British Columbia is probably best known for the iconic Rocky Mountains that tower into the sky. But did you know mountains can be found underwater too? The Northeast Pacific Seamounts, an underwater mountain range off the coast of British Columbia, is one such example that provides incredibly important habitat for a wide range of animals. Everything from corals and sponges to seabirds and whales can be found on or around these seamounts.

As they tower up from the seafloor, seamounts create important habitat for feeding and nursery grounds for an array of marine life. But seamounts and the animals that depend on them are at risk. The isolation and uniqueness of seamounts’ ecosystems make them especially sensitive to human disturbances. Harmful activities such as bottom-contact fishing, especially bottom trawling, mining, oil and gas explorations, and climate change threaten the marine wildlife that inhabits seamounts. That is why Oceana Canada is calling on the government to implement permanent protection measures for these important seamounts. You can add your voice to protect this incredible underwater mountain range here!