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January 24, 2018

Be a Seafood Sleuth: Uncover the truth about your seafood

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BY: Oceana


Think you’ve ever been the victim of seafood fraud? Maybe you’ve ordered white tuna or butterfish at a sushi bar and ended up with stomach problems – most likely because you were actually served escolar, “the laxative of the sea.” Or, perhaps you ordered an expensive, wild, sockeye salmon and instead got a farmed version. 

Chances are, this has happened to you. When Oceana Canada used DNA testing to confirm the identify of nearly 100 samples of seafood purchased in Ottawa, we found that nearly half of them were mislabelled! It’s time to put a stop to seafood fraud in Canada, and we need your help. We are looking for volunteer “seafood sleuths” to investigate seafood samples across Canada. 

Once selected, this group of citizen scientists will receive a free DNA sampling kit to test seafood from their favourite restaurant or grocery store and find out its true identity. Register now to learn more and help identify seafood fraud in your city.

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