Greater risk in restaurants | Oceana Canada

Seafood Fraud and Mislabelling Across Canada

Seafood Fraud and Mislabelling Across Canada

La Fraude Des Fruits De Mer et L'étiquetage Trompeur au Canada

Greater risk in restaurants

Although restaurants and retailers both sold mislabelled fish, mislabelling rates were higher in restaurants, where 52 per cent of samples were mislabelled (Figure 3). At food retailers, including grocery stores and markets, the rate was 22 per cent.

The problem isn’t confined to just a few restaurants or vendors. Of the 177 food businesses assessed, 64 per cent (114 businesses) sold mislabelled fish. Oceana Canada found fraud in 70 per cent of the restaurants tested (95 out of 136 restaurants) and 46 per cent of the retailers (19 of 41 retailers).

Seafood mislabelling by type of business
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