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Seafood Fraud and Mislabelling Across Canada

Seafood Fraud and Mislabelling Across Canada

La Fraude Des Fruits De Mer et L'étiquetage Trompeur au Canada

Citizen science: seafood sleuths

In addition to the testing done by Oceana Canada staff, citizen scientists from Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax volunteered to do their own seafood sleuthing.

Oceana Canada asked them to each collect samples from a list of target fish — from either grocery stores or restaurants of their choosing — using DNA testing kits from the LifeScanner lab in Guelph, Ontario. The volunteers submitted the samples along with details

about their purchases. Their results closely mirrored the Oceana Canada findings presented earlier in this report. (Note that citizen-sourced results were not included in the national or city-by-city results.)

In total, 92 seafood sleuths collected 139 samples from 49 grocery retailers and 40 restaurants. They revealed significant levels of seafood mislabelling in their cities
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