Sayara Thurston | Oceana Canada

Sayara Thurston

Seafood Fraud Campaigner

Originally from Australia, Sayara has lived in Montreal for more than a decade. Since moving to Canada, she has worked on a range of social justice and animal protection issues.

Before joining the Oceana Canada team, she worked with We Animals Media to promote animal-focused photojournalism, and with Humane Society International/Canada, where she spearheaded outreach efforts to improve farmed animal welfare in corporate supply chains and worked with all levels of government to improve farmed animal protection policies, including on labelling initiatives. Sayara holds a Master of Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Sydney. 

Spending time exploring beautiful Australia beaches growing up gave Sayara an early love of ocean ecosystems. She is happy to be fighting to protect them as part of the Oceana Canada team.