Annie Simons | Oceana Canada

Annie Simons

Fisheries Research Assistant

Annie was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, before moving to Ottawa, Ontario, where she spent much of her time exploring the surrounding national and provincial parks. From a young age she has enjoyed canoeing and camping, eventually working at a summer camp in the Laurentians, during which time she developed her appreciation of the beautiful Canadian outdoors. 

Annie moved back to Halifax for her undergrad, where she completed an Honours degree in marine biology, minoring in statistics. During her undergraduate degree she worked at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography for two summers, first focusing on research surrounding the benefits and costs of marine protected areas, then on the incorporation of climate change into fisheries stock assessments. 

Annie has just completed her honours thesis in the field of marine conservation genetics and is now working on updating Oceana Canada’s 2019 Fishery Audit. Annie is excited to be joining the Oceana team in working towards the protection and restoration of our oceans.